Academic and professional orientation

Academic and professional orientation at vocational high school (Berufliches Gymnasium)

"Which course of studies or apprenticeship suits me best? Which skills do I need for my job? What happens in a recruitment test?"

These questions are particularly important for students in forms 12 and 13 of the vocational high school, because at the end of year 12 many of them apply for an apprenticeship or decide to study at a university or a technical college. While at school they are often not aware how quickly time passes and that the application period comes closer day by day.

We offer the following components in study and career guidance:

  * Simulation of a recruitment test
  * Assessment Center
  * visits to career fairs such as "Einstieg Abi" or "Chancen in Berlin"
  * visits to universities, colleges and technical colleges in Brandenburg

Simulation of a recruitment test

 simulationFor many years Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum has offered its students different ways to prepare for their choice of career. Key elements of this process are the analysis of the interests and the performance of the candidates. Both aspects are covered in a recruitment test of the Geva Institute ( That is why many pupils decide to take part in a 180-minute test in order to feel the psychological stress of an aptitude test and especially to get feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, talents and interests.

The evaluation of the test helps students to have a clearer self-image and gives them greater security for the upcoming application process.

Assessment Center

vortragTo have good cards in job applications, vocational high school students have the chance to participate in an Assessment Center. Apart from written application tests the AC is the most popular and powerful method for companies to choose their employees.


Participants have to pass different stations and get marks for their perfomence. Special emphasis is laid on communication and team skills in group work as well as on customer and market orientation and systematic thinking and acting when participants present themselves individually.  


The results are evaluated for each candiadte – not by teachers, but by an professional trainer, who gives individual feedback.