Georg Mendheim

Georg Mendheim was born in Frankfurt/Oder in 1836. He studied physics und chemistry in Berlin. He improved the development of the annular kiln initiated by Friedrich Hoffmann. Hoffmann`s invention got the disadvantage that there had been too much waste in the production of clay bricks. Georg Mendheim used gas instead of coal to heat the kiln. With this method the bricks could be burnt at higher temperatures and with less energy at the same time, which helped to save costs.

The invention of the gas chamber annular kiln was used at the “Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur” for the first time. The first gas chamber annular kiln of 1870/ 71 is located at the Ziegeleipark Mildenberg.

Georg Mendheim published his invention at the renowned „Deutschen Bauzeitung“ in 1872. The Patent Office in München issued the patent for „Regenerativapparat für Flammenofen mit Gasfeuerring“ to Georg Mendheim in February in 1879.

In 1876 16 gas chamber annular kilns started running and in 1879 it were 150. From 1880 to 1882 two further patents were issued to Georg Mendheim.

On March 14th 1887 Georg Mendheim was awarded the Swedish Wasa Order.

Georg Mendheim died on April 3rd 1903 at the age of 67 years in Munich and left behind his wife and his sons Adolf and Hans. His tomb can still be found at the Nordfriedhof in Munich.