The vocational training college was established in Oranienburg when the local vocational school Oranienburg and the business school of trade and catering Birkenwerder joined forces, offering the following subjects: agricultural economics, business economics, tourism, construction, electrical engineering and metal technology.


After restructuring vocational education the former three training colleges (OSZ I – Hennigsdorf, OSZ II – Oranienburg and Märkisches Oberstufenzentrum in Zehdenick) were reorganised into two schools according to their courses of education (OSZ Oberhavel I – Wirtschaft and OSZ Oberhavel II – Technik).


In 1997 the new school complex with two student halls and various attractive sports facilities was built in Zehdenick. During the inaugural ceremony numerous guests including minister Angelika Peter and minister Alwin Ziel took part as representatives of the Ministry of Education.


7.6 million dm were invested into the location in André-Pican-Straße in Oranienburg in order to reconstruct and extend the building as well as the gymnasium.

25th August 2005
The school was given the name ”Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum”.

In a solemn ceremony the great-grandson of Georg Mendheim, Jürgen Mendheim , the district administrator Karl-Heinz Schröter and the undersecretary of state for education Martin Gorholt unveiled a relief and the script nameplate of “Georg Mendheim” at the foyer of the Oberstufenzentrum.



19th September 2006
The first „Georg-Mendheim-Preis“ was awarded in Oranienburg. The date was chosen because it was the birthday of Georg Mendheim in 1836. The district administrator Karl- Heinz Schröter, the previous principal Helga Riedel as well as two pupils, Sascha Kunze und Michael Neumann, got the prize. The prize winners got a certificate, a bouquet of flowers and a clay owl. The prize winners rendered outstanding services to the prestige of Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum.


The school was granted the title "Schule ohne Rassismus - Schule mit Courage". (school without racism – school with courage)




Our school becomes the partner school of the German national league team HERTHA BSC.