Technical college

Particular feature: business and management
Certified graduate in business management

Entrance criteria: qualification to attend technical college, certified training, occupation employment of at least one year or one year work experience

Period of training: 3 years part-time or 2 years full-time

Certificate: certified graduate in business management

Training objective:

• specialized vocational education and profound general knowledge
• ability to assume tasks of management in business enterprises
• advanced technical college entrance qualification in optional courses

Training emphasis:

• Business and Management Studies
• Accountancy/Controlling
• Finance/Investment
• Tax Studies
• Economics
• Mathematics/Statistics
• Computer Science
• Law with a focus on economy and industrial law
• English
• German

Contact: Dr. Rüdiger Hille
Tel.: +49 (0)3301 601-7058
Tel.: +49 (0)3301 601-7003