The JUNIOR company

How the theory of economy lessons is put into practice

The JUNIOR-Company of Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum exists for one school year. It is part of the project “JUNIOR“ of the "Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft" in Cologne and is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Technology and the and the "KfW-Mittelstandsbank".

In the school year 2007/2008 ten pupils of the economics class of Dr. Brigitte Kühnlenz founded the junior company “Flyer4Families“. The company produces and distributes for example advertisement flyers and visiting cards for different clients.

The business concept says "We are creating flyers and even visitor guides for the whole family. We want to help families to get along in an unknown region. Every single flyer or visitor guide will be produced individually to cater for the client’s wishes."

The original share capital of 900 € was provided by selling share certificates, further 600 € were acquired by a self- produced flyer for “Obstbaugenossenschaft Eden”.

The employees of the “JUNIOR company” hope for a good turnover and thus to take part in the national competition of the project. Two things they have achieved already - first-hand business experience and a certificate of participation, which can be used in future applications.