Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks)

„People only get forgotten, if their name gets forgotten.“ (Gunter Demnig)

The project group “Stolpersteine” wants to remind people of Nazi victims in Oranienburg

Since autumn 2007 a team of students, attending the 12th form, have been taking part in the project “Stolpersteine“. This was initiated by Gunter Demnig, an artist from Cologne. Meanwhile such memorials have been put down in many places all over Germany. They are supposed to remind us of the people deported and then killed by the Nazis in ghettos, concentration and extermination camps. Those persecuted were Jews, Sinti and Romani, homosexuals, disabled people and people in opposition to the Nazi regime either of religious or of political reasons. Stumbling blocks are concrete cubes covered by a sheet of brass with the name, year of birth and the fate of the victim: mostly the date of deportation and of death. The Stolperstein is then put down flush in the pavement in front of the last residence of the victims.

The students are investigating facts about victims’ lives for documentation and are looking for sponsors to cover the costs. Five Stolpersteine were installed in a ceremony in Oranienburg on July 8th 2008.

The project is supported by Minette von Krosigk, member of the “Förderverein für interkulturelle Bildung und Begegnung e.V. (FiBB e.V.)” in Oranienburg.


Students put down “Stolpersteine“ in Zehdenick

„In early spring 2006 students of Georg- Mendheim- Oberstufenzentrum in Zehdenick set up a project group to investigate the lives of some former Jewish inhabitants of their city murdered by the Nazis. On September 30th 2006 Gunter Demnig came to Zehdenick to set out six blocks for Minna Cohn, Gertrud and Kurt Markuse, Irma and Paul Moses and also for Herta Zöllner, who were citizens of Zehdenick until they were deported to Auschwitz or Theresienstadt.