School without Racism - School with Courage

Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum is a "School without Racism - school with Courage"

On September 5th 2007 Georg- Mendheim- Oberstufenzentrum became the first professional training college in Brandenburg entitled to call itself “School without racism - school with courage”.

The school organized an action day for tolerance, against racism and xenophobia, in which more than 70 young people from Finland, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Taiwan and the USA participated. The official certificate was handed over by Birgit Funke of the RAA, who is the coordinator of the scheme in Brandenburg. In her laudatory speech Mrs Funke said that it was quite remarkable for a school of almost 3,000 students to get the title. 70 per cent of all school members (pupils, teachers, social workers, secretaries etc.) declared their commitment to the principles of the project with their signature.

Football professional and national player Malik Fathi of HERTHA BSC Berlin, son of a German mother and a Turkish father, is the official patron and has supported the school in quite a number of projects over the last months.

Against the background of the reports about young people in Brandenburg with right-wing leanings and a tendency towards violence, the project shows that there are a lot of young people who are publicly fighting for openness, respect and democracy.

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