Against forgetting

May 6th, 2008: Movie premiere at the Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum in Oranienburg.
Students present their film about the experience of the former concentration camp prisoner Janusz Galaj.
On Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 at 11 o`clock the pupils of class FZ07a presented their film “Janusz Galaj” in the assembly hall of Georg-Mendheim-Oberstufenzentrum in André-Pican-Straße in Oranienburg.JanuszGalajAufnahmearbeiten


With this film, produced in cooperation with “Waidak media e.V.”, the pupils documented the experience of Janusz Galaj of Poland, who was captured by the Nazis at the age of 14 during the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto and who was then imprisoned at Sachsenhausen concentration camp together with his father.

In November 2007 Janusz Galaj, who is now 77, met students at “Haus Szczypiorski”, a meeting place for young people, and told them his distressing story. With him they went to the place of his imprisonment and asked him about his feelings and experience. In a video workshop the students recorded the interview as well as the interviews with the director of the memorial foundation of Brandenburg Prof. Dr. Günter Morsch, with visitors of the memorial site in Sachsenhausen and with inhabitants of Oranienburg. Afterwards the collected material was turned into a film in several meetings.

More presentations of the film are planned, for example at “Haus Szczypiorski”, at memorial places and at schools.